Class Teacher: Mrs Denvir

Welcome to our Art pages! As we blog about our work, projects and trips they will appear below, along with any photos we choose to upload.

As part of their topic on 'Europe', the p6 pupils have been looking at the work of Spanish artist,   Pablo Picasso. There were mixed reactions to his style of portraiture and the pupils found it very challenging to create portraits that did not look 'realistic'. The results however were amazing and the pupils were delighted with their final pieces!
The pupils in Primary 4 have been looking at moving water and explored  ways of recording this in their art. The  pupils have considered use of colour, line and pattern and worked on 2D and 3D surfaces.

P6 have been looking at the work of Scottish architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. They identified the visual elements of COLOUR, LINE, SHAPE and PATTERN in his work and used these to create their own fabulous designs using watercolour and pen.

Niamh S Tess
Hannah Matilda

Primary 7 had some interesting experiences when they visited 'Surreal Encounters' at the Gallery of Modern Art. Faced with some strange and dreamlike paintings the pupils had to interpret each  artist's work, describing what that they saw in each painting and what they thought it represented. One group had the opportunity to make a book to record their experiences, while the other group explored some automatic drawing.


Inspired by what thew saw in the gallery, the pupils created their own surrealist images using acrylic paints. The pupils enjoyed their walk along the Water of Leith to the gallery and used photos they had taken of the pathway as a basis for their paintings.  They explored the visual elements of shape, colour and tone as they created the botanical backgrounds for their work.

The realistic pathways then became surreal as the pupils added strange objects to their work, making their paintings seem dreamlike and weird!