Active Schools is a national programme supported by every council in Scotland. It is part of the Scottish Government's Healthier Scotland Campaign, funded and supported by sportscotland. 

*In Roseburn our Active Schools Co-ordinator is Neil Russell.  He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More children, more active, more often

The main aim of Active Schools in Edinburgh is to give children and young people the chance to get involved in sport and physical activity while they are at school. This can take the form of sport and exercise, and making activity a daily part of their lives through play, dance and active travel. If supported to be active and healthy now, there is more chance that they will remain active and healthy as adults building a healthier Edinburgh, and a healthier Scotland. The goal is to get more children, more active, more often.

Community Sports Hubs

Community Sports Hubs (CSH) aim to increase the number of people of all ages participating in sport and physical activity in local communities. In Edinburgh, school based models have been developed at Broughton High School and also at Forrester/St Augustine High School campuses. Active Schools has a lead role in both hubs to develop the link between school based sport programmes and community programmes.

The main focus is on growing participation, increasing physical activity opportunities, and developing flourishing, self sustaining clubs leading to hubs that are a home for local communities.

Active Schools National Priorities

1. Recruit, retain and develop a network of volunteers, coaches, leaders and teachers who in turn deliver opportunities in school and community sport 
2. Increase the number of young people engaging in volunteering as sports leaders and coaches in both school and community settings 
3. Increase the quality and range of opportunities offered before and after school and during lunchtime 
4. Increase participation amongst under represented groups including girls and young women and children and young people with a disability 
5. Develop effective pathways between school and sport clubs to support the transition from schools to community sport 
6. Work in partnership with education and sports development staff to develop an integrated approach across physical  education, school sport and sport in the community 
7. Motivate and inspire school aged children to participate in sport by delivering programmes to maximise engagement with Glasgow 2014 and the Ryder Cup 2014. Programmes include; Bank of Scotland National School Sport Week, Young Ambassadors, Sport Relief and Clubgolf 
8. Support the development and delivery of sportscotland led initiatives including Positive Coaching Scotland in line with national delivery plans
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Active Schools Update August 2016

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