Mrs. Donaldson, Mrs DeBonrostro and myself went to Hagenow, Germany, for our final Comenius visit in May. We had a fantastic time and were treated to great hospitality by the pupils and staff at the school. We were able to observe lessons and interact with children during their learning process. This was a Montessori school and so very different from what we are used to. We learned a great deal and came back with some useful ideas for our school and classrooms.

Completion of the Project

This project has now come to an end. It has been fantastic having the opportunity to see so many different schools around Europe, comparing them to our own and discussing good practice we have seen. There has been a huge amount of work done by all the children involved and they have been able to share what they have made both physically and through the website. I feel the children at Roseburn have gained a great deal of knowledge about these countries and have learned that children across Europe have a great deal of similarities to themselves. 

Children in P6 and P7 have enjoyed the exchange of penpal letters throughout the project and we hope that this will continue as we have made strong bonds with these schools.

The Spanish school are hoping to bring children from their school to Edinburgh next summer and have a day visiting our school. 

We hope the bonds of friendship and cooperation made during this project will last for many years to come and benefit as many of our pupils as possible. Thank you to all those parents who have supported us on this journey. 

If you haven’t already, please look at all the work we have produced on our website at: 

The whole school gathered on the stairs recently to entertain our Comenius visitors with some Scottish songs. Each class sang a song of their choice from a selection  including 'Tattie Soup', 'The Skye Boat Song' and 'Wild Mountain Thyme'. Everyone joined together to sing the final song, 'Flower of Scotland'. Our visitors were most impressed with the quality of the pupils' singing!


February 2015

The p4/5 class were to make a video which retells the story of' the Kelpie of Loch Garve' Most groups chose to do this on Puppet Pals on the iPads. This is the winning video.

Please click on the link below to see the video.

Comenius Exhibition 

On Monday 15th December parents were invited to come into school to view the work which children in all our partner schools have been doing for our Comenius project. There were also staff around to talk about the trips we have made to the different schools. This went well and parents and children enjoyed the chance to look at work in more detail and ask questions about the schools in our partnership.


In October, Ms Gardner and I went to visit Gdansk in Poland. We were shown around this beautiful city and spent some time in the school there. It was lovely to meet the children as we are always greeted with great excitement. While we were in the school we had the chance to observe class lessons. This was very valuable to us as we could see some of the methods we use being used there too. It was also interesting that although we didn't speak the language, we could still follow what was happening. We were treated to a lovely show by the children of the school. This was part of the show they had performed for Lech Wałęsa when he opened the new part of the school recently. In December, we hope to invite the parents to school to see an exhibition of all the work the children in Roseburn and our partner schools have been sharing to tell each other about myths and legends from our countries. We look forward to the next trip to Barcelona in January.