Eco Update - September 2014

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Roseburn School is very committed to being an Eco-school and at present we are working towards getting our third Green Flag.  Our Eco Group has already met this term to do an Environmental Review to decide what our priorities are this year. We are only part way through the Review but already we have decided that we want to remind everyone of the importance of not dropping litter and to reduce waste as far as possible through reducing packaging in packed lunches through bringing food and drink in containers that can be used again.

We are also looking for helpers in our school garden. As the garden has grown we need more help just maintaining it, keeping it flourishing all year round and  we have great plans to grow vegetables to make soup to sell on 'Special Soup Fridays'.  If any parents, grandparents or friends have any spare time and would like to spend a bit of time in our garden we would be delighted to see them.  Please contact the school office if you are interested.


September's whole-school homework task was to create an A4 collage by re-using materials in different shades of one colour. The pupils came up with wonderful images and were very creative in their selection of materials, using kitchen cloths, sweet wrappers, bus tickets and more!

ecocollage1.jpg ecocollage2.jpg
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The work is on display in the downstairs GP room and also in our outdoor classroom.

African Art Using Recycled Materials

These pictures, inspired by images seen in Kwamebikrom, Ghana, were created using scraps of paper from our classroom recycling bins and old magazines. p6 created the African ladies and p4 made the African houses.

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