This year we have had several visits from Daniel King, a 6th year pupil at Queensferry High School who is a 'German Youth Ambassador'. His role is to help promote German Culture within the learning of German in schools around Edinburgh. He has prepared some very interesting powerpoint presentations for us and activities to further our understanding of life in Germany. We have learned about the history of the Berlin Wall and the popular festival of 'Fasching'.

 'Fasching' is also known as 'Fasnacht' or ' Karneval' in German-speaking countries. Originally it was celebrated as a way to prepare for Ash Wednesday, and the fasting required during Lent. Now it is one big party! Cologne hosts one of the most famous celebrations, including a parade on Rosenmontag (the Monday before Ash Wednesday).

For families and children, Fasching means parties with costumes, masks,  music, dancing and games.

In class the pupils designed their own 'Fasching' masks using bird and clown designs.



Modern Languages at Roseburn

french flag.jpg german flag.jpg  

At Roseburn we believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn a modern language and to gain knowledge of other European countries. 

In line with the Government's '1+2 Languages' initiative, French was introduced in September 2016 to all children from Nursery to Primary 7. Pupils in  Primary 5 , 6 and 7 also learn German. 

Through learning a new language:

Pupils gain a deeper understanding of their first language and appreciate the richness and interconnected nature of languages.

Pupils enhance their understanding and enjoyment of other cultures and of their own and gain insights into other ways of thinking and other views of the world.

Pupils develop skills that they can use and enjoy in work and leisure throughout their life.

Pupils are encouraged to develop skills in Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing through a varied programme of games, songs, stories and practical activities.

German - the opinions of pupils in p6

 "I can say words in German that I couldn't say before. Now if I go to countries where German is spoken I'll know what to say." Matthew

" I really liked learning the 'Rainbow Song'. It was fun and it helped me to learn my colours." Amelie

"At first I thought it would be hard but it is actually really fun and makes me feel happy!" Jade

"I like German because I like learning new language. I think it is FANTASTISCH! I would like to learn new songs in German." Bethany

" I enjoy playing games when we are sitting in a circle. I feel like I have a challenge against my classmates!" Mandy

" I love the way my mum looks at me when I speak German! My dad learned German at school and it's fun to talk to him in German. It is a really fun language to learn." Isla

French - the opinions of pupils in p7

"I enjoy being creative with French, eg, making poems and raps." Peter

"I enjoy learning about French culture." Callum

"I really enjoyed learning how to say what animals I have because I am fascinated by animals." Maddy

"I like French because when I go to France I like being able to speak the language and understand things." Jasmine

"I like the different activities we do." Declan

"I enjoy learning new things and facing new challenges." Ellie